Tolerances and deviations

Perforated sheets

Perforated sheets are made in accordance with DIN 24041.

The external size tolerance meets the aforementioned standard and the metallurgical standards EN10025, EN10029, EN10051, EN10131, EN10088.

Warehouse positions have standard formats 1000x2000 mm, 1250x2500 mm, we do not provide cutting of sheets. The width and length of the perforated sheets can be up to 5 mm larger than the usual tolerance of the raw material. Such an increase in the leaf arises through stamping (punching) and depends on the size of the holes and their density, on the thickness and quality of the sheet.

Perforated sheets, which are custom-made, have a tolerance of +/- 3 mm in width with a thickness of 2 mm. Sheets with a thickness greater than 2 mm are cut with a tolerance of +/- 5 mm. For other requirements, please indicate this in the order or provide a detailed drawing. The test sample must be agreed upon and approved, if necessary.

To avoid breakage and cracking of tools, especially in small openings, stamping punches are made with a special exacerbation (between the punches is a double step). As a result, the first and last row of openings are incomplete.

The tool (punch) may break through during the breakdown of the holes. As a result, there may not be a few holes in any place on the sheet. This is important and must be taken into account when using perforated sheets for decorative purposes.

When perforating the breakthrough, there arise on the backside of the backside (chipping). These bumps can be pushed back into the hole when they are drawn. If this affects the function of the punched sheet, or if this perfolist is to be used as a decorative element, we ask you to inform our company about it in the order.

Technical recommendations

Perforated sheets, which are made of pre-galvanized sheet, have unprocessed inner edges of holes. These sheets can not be used for external decoration or in another oxidizing medium without further surface treatment.

Surface protection of steel sheets by galvanic zinc is also not suitable for use in external decoration or in another oxidizing medium. In the second layer, powder paint or powdered varnish is applied.

Expanded Metal

Expanded metal is produced in accordance with the standard DIN 791. 

Tolerance of outer dimensions are in accordance with the above standard and dimensional standards of metallurgical material EN10025, EN10029, EN10051, EN10131, EN10088. 

Width tolerance + - 5% 

Length tolerance + -10%