Product code: 02515

Expanded metal sheets are manufactured according to DIN 791 standards.

Application of perforated sheets:

- filters, sieve for mill equipment, protective covers, etc.

- construction: facades of construction sites, elements of balconies, fences, partitions, radiator screens, sound absorbing panels, etc.

- automotive industry: diffusers of sound speakers, auto-tuning, radiator grilles, protective covers, filters, etc.

- food industry: pans used in bakeries; baking trays used in malting and sugar factories, cheese forms, etc.

- electrical industry: electrical boards, switchboards and electrical cabinets, cable trays, power electronics, etc.

- agricultural industry: sieves and sieves for grain processing, housings for agricultural equipment, screening plants, etc.

Expanded metal sheets
Material Black steel DC04
Form of holes Square is flattened, MQ
Size of the hole 20х15 mm
Step 1,7 mm
Thickness of the initial sheet 1,5 mm
Corrected tnickness 1,7 mm
The size of the sheet 1000х2000 мм
Area of openings 77 %
Weight 5,4 kg

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TC MQ20/15x1,7x1,5/1000x2000

  • Brand: Perfora
  • Product Code: TC MQ20/15x1,7x1,5/1000x2000
  • Availability: 88
  • 853грн.

  • Ex Tax: 711грн.

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